Everyday like a poison, world news infects humanity, plunging the human conscience into a deep hibernation of frantic inactivity, in an attempt to find some serenity to endure in until the end.

However they say that if a tarantula bites you the only way to escape death is to dance day and night, jumping from the pain and staying awake, because if you let go and fall asleep you are lost. Such a crazy celebration of consciousness is the Mykonos Biennale as its theme for 2015 is the Antidote.

What is the antidote? Is it love? Is it power? Or is it sorcery? Always the artist, the scientist, and the alchemist have searched for the answer to immortality, the philosophers’ stone, and the magic portal. Their quest, itself, holds the answer for by it they have already danced the first steps of the Great Awakening.


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