Weaving Residency
In Mykonos, weaving is one of the most important artisanat which is rooted in Ancient Greece, and survived to our days. There are four weavers and four looms in the island. The craft, until the early 80's was a living tradition, and a way for people to make ends meet, but then it declined. The Mykonos Biennale will invite seven artists to work and collaborate with the weavers. 
Penelope, for twenty years while waiting for Odysseus to come back, was weaving (ύφαινε) the burial shroud of her father in law, Laertis, old king of Ithaca. During the night, she was undoing her day's work, as she had promised her suitors that she would choose one of them as her husband and new king of Ithaca, when the shroud were ready.
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