Anita King

Anita King (b. Portland, Australia) is an artist and designer with a cross-disciplinary practice that incorporates fashion and the arts. King explores ways in which sculptural form can be worn on the body to reshape, extend and morph physical experience. With a diverse practical output as an artist, fashion designer, costume designer, performance artist, curator and artistic director, King explores and challenges how the body relates to and within the world. King graduated from Swinburne University, Australia in 2004 and currently lives and works in New York, NY. She has exhibited and produced shows in Melbourne and London. Her current body of work is based on human evolution and inspired by the bizarre landscapes and fashions of science fiction otherworlds, animal bodies and behaviors, and the intricate designs and patterns of tribal costumes.

Future Evolution


Inkjet prints - 12 x 17 inch

These photographs were created after I asked a group of friends to respond to the question: “If you were to evolve, how would you choose to evolve?” I then interpreted their responses into costume. I am interested in how our increased dependence on technology affects human evolution.




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