Esthir Lemi

Esthir Lemi has been acknowledged for her audio/visual works and performances, and remains active in total-art works projects in the field of art and the projection of reality. She has been awarded with several scholarships: for her achievements as a student (IKY- School of Arts), for her studies in Berlin (Onassis Scholarship) and Zurich (Scholarship of the Swiss Goverment), as well as for her PhD research (Propontis Foundation) and further research at ICST in Zurich (SNF)and at the University of Michigan (Fulbright-Schuman). She has been chosen to represent her country at numerous events and international festivals( Bjcem 2003 and 2005, European Capital City 2006, Athens Biennial 2011) both as an artist and composer, furthering her research concerning the perception of complementary forms for a wide audience.



soundsculpture - 73,2x73,2x10 cm

Stamina is a work-in-progress that stems from the composition of a piece for a solo trumpet and string orchestra in three parts. The main process is the visual and audio re-arrangement of the piece in order to detect the role-playing of readers, audience, public space and creative performance through the vast change of technology and its interference in perceptive models.

special thanks to:

George Laskaridis (trumpet)

Marios Dapergolas (violin, viola)

Michalis Porfiris (cello)

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