Jon Henry

Jon Henry grew up in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains on his family’s cattle farm. His county does not have stoplights, cellphone towers, or chain retailers. He attended the University of Richmond for BAs in Studio Art & International Politics. While in Richmond, awarded him their Out.Spoken.Richmonder of 2011 for his activism. Henry completed an MA in Arts Politics at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He is currently enrolled in James Madison University’s MFA program in Studio Arts. Both James Madison and Univ. of Richmond gave him full merit scholarships. He has also received a graduate fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Jon Henry’s practice is rooted in sculpture and explores his heritage in the rural south as a queer. His research has focused on queer themed topics related to identity politics, technology, environmentalism, and geography.

Community Seed Bank Project


sculpture - 6x6x6''

My practice and activism are focused on generating constructive conversations. The Community Seed Bank Project is an ongoing series of socially engaged sculptures that spark conversations around topics related to bioengineering, agriculture, and community development. The initial inspiration for the project comes from memories of creating personal treasure chests from my father’s old cigar boxes. Other inspirations include reading various news stories about lost treasure being discovered in attics or garages, time capsules made in grade school, and the ongoing global financial crisis. Conversely, the baggies link to the ongoing American War on Drugs that prosecutes minor drug possessions harsher than financial crimes. Furthermore, the legal battles around genetically modified food have similar characteristics to the Drug War as the smallest possession of illegal seeds produce hefty fines or jail time. Profits continue to be prioritized over individuals, families, communities, and hunger.

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