Karen Finley

Karen Finley is a multi media artist who works in performance, video, installation, music, theater, visual arts and writing. She has authored 8 books. She was born in Chicago and attended the San Francisco Art Institute. Finley performs and exhibits internationally. She creates art works that are research based and site specific and usually has content about feminism, gender, sexuality and freedom of expression issues and politics. l Most recently she just performed and exhibited her project " Sext Me if You Can" at the New Museum in New York CIty where Finley creates commissioned artwork from anonymous sexts from the public. This June she will be in Austria maintaining "open Heart" a Holocaust memorial made out of ceramics with survivors, school children and the public at the former Gusen Concentration Camp.

This summer she will premier a new video installation that focuses on complaints on the art world with filming in Greece, Prague, Austria, Moscow and the US. Finley is concerned about freedom of expression issues and lectures and gives workshops on creativity. Finely is an Arts Professor in Art and Public Policy at New York University.

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