Sculpture - 117x88x55cm

The piece is made of painted steel. At the time that I made it, I was impressed by the colors of the deserted diesel engines in the scrapyards of Perama, Greece. Also, I have been influenced by global mass and pop culture, such as Flash Gordon comics. As a consumer, I love objects. I also like aeroplanes. The process that I followed as I created it consists of less or more chaotic moments and also of the structural idea of the "spare part".

Archaic / antiCyclops


Sculpture - 32x22x45cm

The piece is made of marble. It is inspired by the hair of Kouros and also by massage tools and sex toys. I like owls and when I made a model that preceded the marble version of it, I was also thinking of alpenhorns and of the muscular stratification of flesh.

Leonidas Chalepas

I was born in 1976 and I am a sculptor. I studied Sculpture and Architecture in Athens Greece, Athens School of Fine Arts and National Technical University of Athens, and got my MFA in Sculpture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York on a Fulbright. I lived for one year in West Rutland Vermont, and currently I am back in Greece for the summer.

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