Demons made of newspaper imitating concrete. Two materials and an act upon which the development of modern civilization is largely based. - h 1.65 more or less

Averters of evil –

Symbols of human naivety

My own clowns are sarcastic figures of a modern European self that stands in front of a wall that he himself has built with faith and attachment and with exceptional diligence as well.

Chorus figures in a modern tragedy in which comes forth and is eloquently described a conflict between the unethical and the virtue and vice, the commercial profit and man’s right to a better life amid overexploitation and the cost of human eudemonia as well as the salvation of the planet itself.

Pleaders in a bilateral argumentation and reasoning which have come to a standstill for the time being.

Mano Pontikakis

Studied at Vakalo School of Arts(1982-4). His work started with human-centered painting and moved in three dimensions with masks and instalation art. He has designed sets and masks for productions of ancient greek drama (Herodium, Epidauros etc) and for theatre organisations (Municipals, Anihto, Neou Cosmou etc). He has taught in the Center of Ancient Greek Drama DESMI , University of Peloponnese etc.

Solo ex: ARIADNI, Iraklio 1987 / Municipality of Athens Cultural Centre 1999 / House of Bouziani, Dafni 2001/ Homer Cultural Centre, Chios 2001 / Galeria Teatralna, History Museum Krakow, 2002 / Clandon Park, United Kingdom 2012

Group ex: The Eye of the Pelican, California Usa 1989 / NAUTE: Basilica of Saint Mark, Iraklio 2006 and 2008 / «Hotel du Departement du Bas-Rhin», Strasbourg 2008 / Municipal Gallery of Aghios Nikolaos, Creta 2009

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