MATCH 2000


video - 3.27 min

Through her piece "Match 2000", Maria Papadimitriou found a way to slip into an exclusively male world. She invited the captain of Olympiakos, one of the most renowned clubs in Greece, to a game of “backgammon” (traditionally male games played in the joints for men only) in his own territory – the stadium’s locker rooms! The challenge was too great for the symbol of male power to ignore. The process was as important as the final result, as it happens. A cinema crew and the artist together with assistants entered the sanctuary of masculinity, the changing rooms of the team, after a casual day of training. The captain covered in sweat and a bit confused sat to play but when the dice started favoring the artist, he became passionate about the game. The result, a fast rhythm edited version of the whole endeavor, reached one of the major points of post-feminist thought: the power of female laughter. MARINA FOKIDIS

Maria Papadimitriou

She studied Visual Arts at the Ecole National Superieur des Beaux Arts Paris (1981-1986)

From 2001 she teaches at the Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly and presently holds the position of Associate Professor of Art and Environment.

Selected Solo Shows 2013 “Souzy Tros”, Elaionas, Athens 2012 “Over! Leftover,” Fabryka Batycki, Gdansk, Poland. “Souzy Tros”, Elaionas, Athens. 2011 “Τ.Α.Μ.Α. The Roma Coat”, Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens. 2010 “Otel Nokul”, Sinopale3-International Sinop Biennial, Sinop, Turkey “Hotel Balkan”, Haifa Mediterranean Biennial, Haifa, Israel. 2009 “Infinito fa Rumore Eternita fa Silenzio”, Mercato Coperto, Regio Emillia, Italy.

“The TAMAparty”, in collaboration with the ROMA community at Aliveri-Volos, Greece. 2008 “CORBU”, Zina Athnasiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 2007 “SA MA KHOL TRUCK - a City Tour”, Public event , Teseco Foundation, Pisa Italy ,“Novocomum on Wheels - Direct Architecture, Politics and Space”,

2006 “HOTEL PLUG –INN”, Castillo de San Gabriel, Lanzarote, 1st Bienal de Arquitectura, Arte Paisaje de Canarias, Spain

SelectedGroup Shows 2012 “The Mediterranean Approach”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseille, France. 2011 “LIVING”- Frontiers of Architecture III, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark “Monodrome”, Athens Biennial, Athens, Greece

2010 “Aware - art fashion identity” Royal Academy of Arts, London, Great Britain

“Fabricators of the World. Scenarios of Self-will”, Regionale 10 Festival of Styrian Culture, Schloss Trutenfels, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Austria

2009 “T.A.M.A. side effects”, collaboration with Gabi Scardi and Lucy Orta, 10th Lyon Biennial, Lyon, France 2007 “Volksgarten Orchestra: Politics of Belonging”, Volksgarten: Politics of Belonging, Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria“1st Biennale of Contemporary Art: Heterotopias”, State Museum of Contemporary Art & Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

“Cities from Below”, Laboratorio per l’Arte Contemporanea, Stabilimento Teseco, Pisa, Italy 2006 “LESS alternative living strategies”, Pavillion of Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy

“The Athens Effect’’, Mudima Foundation, Milan, Italy

“Check-In Europe: Reflecting Identities in Contemporary Art”, European Patent Office, Munich, Germany

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