Study for heaven #2


Transfer ink and gold leaf on paper board - 15cm

Shahpour Pouyan

Shahpour Pouyan was born in 1979 in Isfahan, Iran and is currently studying for a Masters of Fine Art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He has a Masters in Fine Art (Painting) from Tehran University of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) from the University of Science and Culture. He has a Diploma in Math and Physics and studied Neoplatonism Philosophy in the Iranian Institute of Philosophy in Tehran. Pouyan is the recipient of the Tehran Contemporary Museum of Art's grant of residence at International Cite Des Artes, Paris, France and has exhibited in various solo exhibitions in Tehran and Dubai and in group shows in Paris, London, New York, Beirut, Toronto, Zagreb and Istanbul.

Study for heaven #1


Open Acrylic, transfer ink, cooper leaf on paper board - 20cm

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