Tao Kulczycki

Tao Kulczycki (b.1987) is an Italian artist currently based in New York. He completed an MFA with distinction from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (NY) in 2013. His work is predominantly in the medium of sculpture where he manipulates and changes pre­‐existing ideas and concepts giving form to new meanings commonly associated with social, political or environmental issues.


Artist Lure


Sculpture - 6h(cm) x 33L(cm) x 8.9w(cm)

Material: Bronze, 23K gold leaf.

In this particular piece entitled “Artist lure” Kulczycki looks at the relationship that the contemporary artist has with the selling of his own art‐work, where verbal reasoning and explanation has become more important than the artwork itself. The English saying having a silver tongue, being a good talker or a good seller is now transformed into a golden cow tongue fishing lure representing the contemporary artist.

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