The Flower Project (part 2)


400x100x100 cm

As part of their investigation surrounding the eating table, The Collective will be creating a site specific installation of a table. The goods served on the table, even if extremely beautiful and alluring, will give to the spectator/taster a chance to reach their limits, and therefore challenge several conventions linked to the idea of the gathering around the table.

The trap/έ/ζῆν Collective

The Trap/έ/ζῆν Collective (pronounced trapezen, meaning table in Greek) was formed in 2011 by Eleftheria Kotzaki, Christine Spanou and Dimitra Stamatopoulou. The group is dealing with various versions of the table as a symbol, both a meeting place and a field of conflict where food, conversation and family values create an amalgam of a social microcosm.

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